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The Potato Opus: This Lullaby Review

Author: Sarah Dessen
Short Summary (no spoilers):
Remy doesn’t believe in love. After living through her mother’s five husbands, she becomes a master at seeing the warning signs and ending a relationship at the “perfect time.” But then there’s Dexter. He’s nothing like what she usually dates: he’s sloppy, he’s hyper to the extreme, he’s a musician. Still, Remy can’t seem to dump him.

In public or under the covers?
Remy definitely gets around but there’s nothing too graphic. The moments are more cute than sexy.
What mood?
You will switch back and forth between saying “Aww” and “wth”.
Main character – yay or nay?
Just like Dexter says, “You’re a bad ass, Miss Remy.” I would definitely want to be best friends with this chica. She has some issues (as do most of Sarah Dessen’s main characters) but she is super cool and loyal to her friends.
Getting Over Dexter:
It is impossible. To this day, it is my mission to marry the real world version of Dexter. He is so carefree, funny, and perfect. Get ready to have a fake boyfriend for life. You’ll never want to let Dexter go.
Crust factor:
The crustiest part of the book is unfortunately a spoiler and, therefore, I cannot share it with you. Just be warned, when you get to the scene, you will want to throw your book across the room, fall onto your knees and look up to God and yell “WHYYYYY”. The crustiest character is Remy’s mother’s newest husband Don Davis. Just trust me on this, he’s a jerk.
Don’t judge a book by it’s cover:
Not really the best cover in my opinion. You don’t get a sense of what the book is about. Also, it bugs me when the author’s name is bigger then the title. I know Sarah Dessen is a very popular author and I’ll admit the reason I picked up this book was because she wrote it, but still. You’re selling the book, not yourself.
Song this reminds me of:
You'll quickly learn that I am a huge fan of Queen Bey. Dexter and Remy's relationship makes me think of "Flaws and All" by Beyonce.
Overall Rating:
I'm going to give this book an Alexander Skarsgard  (4 out of 5 stars). There is beautiful romance and beautiful characters (Dexter <3) but there are parts that made me want to slam my head against the wall. But that would hurt. So I didn't.


  1. This is excellent. I loved you writing style, it is so free and open. I feel like I am inside youe mind and that is a good thing...haha. Also Beyonce is AMAZING!! Also thank you for not giving away the spoiler..I ahte people who do annoying!! Glad you didn't hurt yourself whilst reading this book. Keep up the good work ladies

    1. Haha thanks I try. Beyonce is the best. There is no better. I'm glad I didn't hurt myself either. Glad you're enjoying. :) - Dexter

  2. I like your review AHHHHHHHHHHHHH you guys are amazing :-)

    1. Thank you! It feels really good to be recognized for our hard work. :)


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