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Obama New: Slow Jamz Edition

The hype of Barack Obama's visit to Jimmy Fallon was everywhere on YouTube. Jimmy Fallon is a popular late night talk show host on NBC. I've watched him a few times when he has celebrities that I enjoy. For example, Jason "awesome" Segel. If you're wondering how the news could be funny, hear me out.  To entertain the audience, they place Obama's news in a slow jamz. The President of the United States, or as Fallon likes to call him the Preezee of the United Steezee, discusses lowering student loans in the near future. I get a kick out of this video while learning more about Obama's goals. You'll learn info while being entertained. Huh, let's call this video infotainment. You can catch the rest of the interview on Fallon's Site. Click on the logo to further your journey. Enjoy!

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