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Funny Bone Fridays: Sloth Breakdown

Hey awesome bookies,

We have a dual surprise for you today. Patch is off enjoying her life in hot male Carowindsland. Since she has long hours, she can't post her Funny Bone for today. So, I've been designated her messenger. Lucky you! You get both of us!

Patch's video is one closest to her heart. Kristen Bell talks about her eccentric love for sloths. She explains that if she's a normal human being when she's between a 3 or 7. If it's too low, she's crying. If it's too high, guess what she's doing? Well, her boyfriend bought her a sloth. Can you image the craziness lol? Here's Patch's video. The first time Patch showed me his video, I was around an 8. Tears filled with hilarity were definitely rolling down my face. Enjoy Patch's ah-mazing book!! Love you guys!
    (and Bones)

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