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Perfectly AT WAR!: Past Perfect Review

When Chelsea is forced to work at Essex Historical Colonial Village for what seems like the tenth year in a row, she deals with reenacting, a fatal war, an imminent Romeo and Juliet romance. She has to survive a summer full of craziness. Especially, since her perfect ex-boyfriend is now working at Essex too. It's hard to move on when you're constantly reliving the past. Past Perfect is a romp-hilarious story of a girl stuck in the past trying to break out.

Past Perfect is bright. I smiled the entire way through. If you're at home looking for an escape, I would say Past Perfect is your book. I never knew re-enactors were so wildly awesome. Did I mention rather hot?  Combined, they make the read quick and lightly-romantic. Unless your reading in bed, I wouldn't say you need to be under the covers. Even if this book was the naughtiest, with this cover it's easily masked. 

Main Character:
I can't decide how I wanted to portray our main character. Whether I wanted to call her Chelsea Glaser or Elizabeth Connelly. Whether I'd tell you about her old self or her new self. So I'll try to capture all of her in a few sentences. Chelsea Glaser, or Elizabeth Connelly as her colonial name, is so adorably flawed. Her actually personality and her colonial personality have meshed. She's stuck with the task of finding out who she is without the past. I really enjoyed her weird theory of life:
"It's hard to live in the present when the present is two hundred fifty years ago. It's hard to live in the present when my job is literally called 'living history.' And I'm good at it. I've spent most of my life perfecting the craft of living history. I have no practice at living in the present."
On the flip-side, Elizabeth Connelly has it all figured out. She's lieutenant in the war. She has made friends. She's not afraid to talk to Ezra, her "perfect ex-boyfriend." She just a beast.

Getting OVER Ezra:
Can a guy be too perfect? I think hell yes. The entire book is structured to getting over Ezra. So our title is perfect. I'm glad there is actually a book that addresses how to move on from breakups realistically. Break ups are painful for both parties. Besides the famous motto is to get over someone...
Getting UNDER Dan:
I WANNA "MEET CUTE." While I have many male friends, I've never had a meet cute. Urban Dictionary says a meet cute is a scenario in which two individuals are bought together in some unlikely, zany, destined-to-fall-in-love-and-be-together-forever sort of way. Elizabeth and Dan (his actual name) meet when he's tasked to kidnap her in the war. Enemies from the start, Dan works at Reenactment-land. A civil war town across the street from Essex. Their sinful meetings during the war sweetens the plot... a whole lot.

Crusty Cover:
Let me say I heart this cover. It's the reason I bought the book. It's the reason I often close the book just to take another peek. My crusty aspect of Past Perfect hurts because I don't want to do it. Yet, it has to be done. The outside has 80% nothing to do with what's underneath. The girl is too modern to be Chelsea or Elizabeth. When did colonial clothing become a very cute green pea coat? The synopsis leaves out an entire portion of the novel... THE WAR!  Nonetheless, the cover + synopsis did its job of enticing readers. IMHO, I would envision more cover substance.

Movie/ TV Show: Why do you need media? We have real life. You can count on this. The next time I visit an historical reenactment site, I'm paying close attention to the actors when their not acting.

Song Title: Why Don't You Love Me
 Artist: Hot Chelle Rae ft Demi Lovato

This song is dedicate to Chelsea's entire life.

I recommend Amplified by Tara Kelly. The novel is about a girl finding herself inside of a band. I also recommend Epic Fail by Claire LaZebrik. A modern version of Pride + Prejudice.

I'd plan on giving Past Perfect a five. However, I can't get over the cover polarity. The book its self was past perfect. haha get it? Still, the cover of the book should draw me in AND give insight on the novel inside. So, here's Alexander Skarsgard for PP. He's a cute four though. See you next week. :)



  1. The cover really is gorgeous! You've reminded me that I had meant to buy this one when it came out on paperback but it slipped my mind. Glad to hear it's worth the read. Great review! :)

    1. Thanks :) I think the cover is so pretty cause it's simple but eye-catching. It's rare to find covers like this.

  2. We have a lot of war reenactments here and I wouldn't describe the participants as hot lol
    I adore that cover and I've been wanting to read this book for a while. I'm going to have to pick it up soon.
    Cute review.

    1. Oh darn!! Haha too bad some fiction isn't reality. I remember going to the Renaissance fair last year and my friends followed the "Hot Town Liar" everywhere. I'm sure you can imagine what happened when we were finally noticed. Thanks for reading! :)


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