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Technologic Power Up

Summer Fun Everyone?,

We have news.
It's ok! Don't panic. It's good news. Here, at Getting Lost in Words, we like to stay up to date with the best (affordable) technology the internet can offer. Notice all the beautiful buttons to our right. :)
We have to say the three of us have out shined ourselves. You may notice that are URL is now! It's so fantastic. We have our own official domain. We remember not too many months ago we hosted our very first meeting. Now we have this beautiful blog and YOU! We're mostly excited about the you portion.

Oh you thought the excitement was over? We're also in the works for creating a What Should I Read Next recommendation site. Cinny, a friend of ours, thought it would be awesome to have one. Now, it's not just a distant dream. Once the construction is done, you will be giving the link.

Final thing hahaha! In addition to this madness, each one of us authors has a personal email. To reach us individually just type in (our name) There you have it! Thanks for sticking with us! And to more exciting fun in the future! We can't express enough about how great you are.

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