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Throwback Thrusday: Payton Skky

Hiya! I have a rather interesting story to share with you about this week's Throwback Thursday. We'll get to that. First, Throwback Thursday is a weekly meme hosted here where we feature books we read in our childhood. The idea formed during a recent Barnes and Nobles run where we began reminiscing in the kid's corner. The novel today is called Payton Skyy. Although it's considered a tween read, I read it pretty early on.
From the author-
Payton Skky is beautiful and popular and dating Dakari Graham, the most attractive and desirable guy in their Georgia high school. The problem' He wants to have sex with her while she wants to obey God and stay pure until marriage. With pressures coming from all sides, Payton begins to wonder if waiting is really worth it. When he breaks it off with her for a more willing girl, Payton's world crashes down on her. As she struggles to answer these questions and gets to know Tad Taylor, Payton realizes that following God is the real secret to staying pure.

This is a spectacular novel. What I enjoyed most is that it focuses on such a crazed topic, that it shouldn't appeal to only believers of God. Besides being quite a dramedy, Payton is an average struggling teen like you and me. (Tad is fine too!)

Now let the story commence:

So, my mom used to be the children church's teacher at our church. I always thought her role was awesome. I learned about the lessons ahead of time. All the other kids liked me (mostly because I'm likable though). Finally, I'd got to attend all the church trips. The downside was staying at Berean Christian Bookstore for hours the prior Saturday while she planned her lessons. Of course, the store would sometimes have programs for waiting children. My favorite was Veggie Tales. A show that teaches christian beliefs using singing veggies. I still can't look at cucumbers the same. Usually, I'd spend my hours in the car trying to sleep in the backseat. One day, this caught up to me. The author of the Payton Skyy series was inside that store. To this day, I remember my mother using several attempts to wake me up. When I found out the reason, I complained and whimpered for days. I could have met the author that allowed me to place my beliefs into perspective. Instead, I chose to catch afternoon Z'ss. I guess moral of the story is always wake up when your parents say they have a surprise. We all love surprises and the surprise might slip away!  :(

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