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Throwback Thursday: My Pal Al

Throwback Thursday is a meme hosted here dedicated to reads from the past. I'm taking you guys ways back in time... like prehistoric age. I read this book last Friday. LMAO. Just Kidding. I did find my childhood favorite while cleaning out the garage last week though. My Pal Al is my very first book. This girl and her weird bear started my fixation. Designed as a Phonics learning tool, Marcia Leonard became the author of a fantastic book. I know your wondering about the girl's name. I mean we already know the infamous Al. Sadly, the girl isn't named. Don't get too upset. I know I was as a child. This is why I decided to name her. My tiny writer self declared the girl's name Minna. Hahaha, I guess I had quite a MASSIVE ego. "Had" is the operative word. In a childish scrawl, I can make out a written "Minna says," before every description of Al. While it's sad to report I don't actually have a pal named Al, I do have a pal named Keno. I don't think you're ready... but you have to be. 
Hope you enjoy my pal Keno. I do every  time I go to sleep. Speaking of sleep, I should probably catch some. See you Saturday for my review of In Honor. Until then, subscribe and explore more! 

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