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Top Ten Tuesday: Authors and their Reality!

It's that time again. I'm so happy the schedule ran in my favor. Today's T3 is provided by The Broke and the Bookish and is my top ten authors I'd love to see in a reality tv show and which. This topic needed imagination and lots of research. So, let's get to it.

1. JK Rowling: Punk'd

Wouldn't it be a spectacle if Mrs. Rowling walked into a room and suddenly everything was Harry Potter? She would be swept in the insanely descriptive world she has created. It would require major props and amazing actors. I would watch that episode. Even, if someone like Lindsey Lohan was hosting it.

2. Sarah Dessen: The Real Housewives of Durham

I would create another housewives reality tv show just to see Sarah Dessen staring. Dessen always mentions her quiet life with her husband and dog in Durham North Carolina. It is quiet? I bet her life is rather juicy! The real housewives production company could use a fresh friendly edge.

3. Stephanie Meyers: Made

Come on now! You knew she was going to appear on my list. Meyers is a legend in the YA world. I have just the show for her. Made, an MTV reality show, takes people craving to be something different than they are and grants their wish. MTV could do a special called Made: I Want To Be Bella. Oh that would be hysterical. I can't even fathom what steps she'd need to take to complete this wish.

4. Lauren Barnholdt, Susane Colasanti, Stephanie Perkins: Making The Band

Ever heard of Making The Band? It's a reality tv show produced by P.Diddy that turns shining solo singers into a grandeur band. Danity Kane is a product. I'm making my solo singers Barnholdt, Colasanti, and Perkins. Separately, the authors are magnificent contemporary writers, each having a special gift. Barnholdt gives us juicy plot twists. Colasanti creates amazing characters. Perkins is the master of romantic build up. So naturally as a band, they can offer one another much. Let's just hope Diddy agrees.

7.Suzanne Collins: Survivor

Can't you picture Collins, the writer of our lovely Hunger Games, strutting it in the wild? If she's anything like her adventurous protege then she'd excel. I feel bad for anyone who could step in her way.

8.Judy Blume/ John Green: Blind Date

Now my favorite! As a tween, did you or are you reading Judy Blume and John Green? I did. Something about Forever and Looking For Alaska structured how I view life. I wonder what hilarious story would arise from being on Blind Date. What would they talk about? Novels? Cheese?

10. John Grishman: The Apprentice

John Grishman isn't YA but, I love his works. Something tells me he'd be a perfect candidate for the show the Apprentice. Maybe it's his writing. Maybe it's the interviews I've read. His name even sounds like he would take take Trump and sweep the floor with him.
Trump That!
Hope you enjoyed my ten as much as I enjoyed writing it! Sadly, now of my celebrities fit into Jersey Shore. One day that will. One day... Have a grand Tuesday (and think about Bones)! Muah

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