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Sparks Fly: The Perfect Play Review (NC-17)


Every once in awhile, we will feature a book that's not quite Y and a lot more A. Nonetheless, we feel that they are outstanding reads. The Perfect Play is definitely in this category. As a warning, there are sexual scenes. We understand that adult romance books may not appeal to all eyes. My review will be YA appropiate. However, the novel is far from it. Please don't feel obligated to read this review or the novel.

The last thing event planner Tara Lincoln needs is the jet-set lifestyle of a football pro like Mick Riley; even though their steamy and passionate one-night stand proved that Mick is an all-star-both on the field and in the bedroom.Tara played the game of love once and lost big, and she doesn't intend to put herself out there again, especially with a certified heart breaker. But when Mick sets his mind to win, nothing will stop him. And he has the perfect play in mind to catch this sultry vixen.

My Thoughts-
In my horde of YA novels, I haven't been able to read a solid romance novel. So, I broke out the big guns: hot men, sports, and saucy fun. That's exactly what The Perfect Play consist of. Jaci Burton turned your typical one night stand into a hilarious, sweet novel of acceptance and stepping out of your comfort zone. 

Mood: This novel combines lascivious romance and the butterflies feeling we all love when dealing with romance. Generally, romance novels often have too much of either. However, she managed to find a beautiful common ground.

In Public or Under the Covers: I'll let you answer this one. If you're proud to be a romance reader, struct this awesome read. Perhaps, if you only need a guilty pleasure, then I'd suggest getting an e-reader or turning the cover down in public.

Main Character: My immediate reaction of Tara Lincoln was her quirky demeanor. Upon Tara and Mick's first meeting, she's seen talking to herself, " I should have taken a left. I know a left. You dummy, now you're going to be in this cavern forever, and you're going to get fired." From that point, I knew I'd like her character. I'm glad she wasn't fired too because being an event planner sounds pretty great. I'm not a single mom (or a mom at all haha). Nonetheless, if you can run an entire business and have a challenging teenage son... wow.

Getting Over Mick Riley: I'm not sure why professional athletes fascinate me. Unlike the playboy lifestyle most athletes are said to have, Mick would rather be home with a large pizza and some DVDs. Sounds like my kind of night too. In fact, that was my last night with some friends. Still, he is sucked into the life of females, Hugo Boss suits, and charity events by his agent, Elizabeth. Once he found Tara, his "tortured soul" began to mend. 

Character Fever: Tara's son, Nathan, is by far my favorite character. You can imagine that her child would be upset with her relationship. He is not only thrilled; Mick and Nate become fast best friends. Mick helps Nate with his football.  Nate gives Intel on Tara's whereabouts. To the core, I love the bromance.

Cover: Oh this cover haha. Excuse me while I absolutely insane. The cover on a computer screen is so... glossy. Imagine up close. When you're cruising through a bookstore browse for this book. It practically sparkles. This is going to sound bizarre but, even the spine is sexy. I was extremely curious on the model's entire face. So, I went searching. This behind the scenes picture is the greatest. They didn't Photoshop the Godzilla veins in his arms. eek! 

Crust: I've contemplated about this section for awhile. I still can't identify crustiness within The Perfect Play. The major characters are dynamic. We get a good sense of minor characters for later novels. The setting is good. The writing is descriptive and fleshing. It's the complete package.

Song: Train's recent song Drive By is the perfect song for Mick and Tara. I love finding songs that fit the plot tighter than a baseball glove.

Reccomendations: If you loved the Riley family then you're in luck. The Play By Play series continues. 
Changing The Game - Gavin Riley and Liz Darnell
Taking A Shot- Jenna Riley and Ty Anderson
Playing To Win- Cole Riley and Savannah Brooks
Thrown By A Curve- Alicia Riley and Garret Scott

I have to give The Perfect Play as well as the entire series a Matt Bomer. It's compelling balance between sweet and sinful creates an emotional roller coaster. Five Stars goes to a series that gives me everything I could want in a book. See ya next week for my review of  the Concubine's Gift. Subscribe and explore!  

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