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Top Ten Rewind: The Name Game

Top Ten Characters (and Literary Figures) That I'd Name My Children After

This is so perfect for me! I'm always looking at names for my future unknown children. Before I go rampage, Tx3 is a weekly meme hosted by Broke and The Bookish. This week is any past TTT of our choice. I chose the one that I can obviously rant about baby names.

1. Pace: Double Play Although, Pace is a typical name, the baseball player in Shalvis's book makes me like it a bit more. It's masculine but rolls off the tongue so perfectly.

2. Hayden: So Inn Love started my love for the boy named Hayden. Since then, I've used him in one book and countless short stories. For some reason, I imagine a guy named Hayden is extremely cute but also sweet.

3. Sydelle: Brightly Woven  I've mentioned how much I love the name Sydelle. It's so pretty! Say it a few times. Doesn't it roll off your tongue.

4. Robert FrostNothing Gold Can Stay  is my favorite poem. From it, I've gotten much inspiration. So, I have no problem name my child after the man who creates my artistic flow.

5. Corrinne: Where I Belong I can't imagine a name that is more humble yet elegant. This may be bizarre but I love the way its spelled. Now, my child won't act like the old Corrinne in Where I Belong. She was materialistic, mean, and uppity.

6. Ansel: Nightshade The name Ansel is different. I love the spelling. You know that kid you used to envy because his name was really cool looking in the header. Ansel would be that person. He was a cool bro too

7.Fielding: Jenna and Jonah's Fauxmance I didn't really enjoy the book. However, I did feel the name Fielding was unique. There is something about it.

8. Wesley Rush: DUFF I used to be one of those kids whose last name was always said with their first. I think its cool. Besides the cool factor, Wesley's name symbolizes all that is sexy.

9. EthanSomething Borrowed, Some Girls Bite, Please Don't Tell The name Ethan is very popular in the literary world. It's quite common. Still, Ethan in all of my favorite books has always left an impression.

10. HonorIn Honor I recently did a review on In Honor. Too spare you, I didn't mention my love for the name. Please don't ask me why though.

What characters or literary figures would you name your children?

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