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Again! Again!: Summer Favorites

Wow, it's been sometime since I've sat in front of my computer. Like six days!! Bones is back though and one year wiser. My birthday was last Saturday. Come to think about it Patch is also one year wiser. You may be asking about Dexter. Well, she's prancing in France somewhere. Anyway, I'm sharing my midsummer's favorites. I'm not sure your ready!!

 The first author I'm dedicating this post to is Abbi Glines. Why did it take me so long to find you?!?!?

Abbi Glines is like the inside of my heart. She writes the right scene. She has the greatest characters. She holds the right sensual tension. I can't express enough about how amazing she is. This is why the summer's not over yet and I'm already declaring her author of the season. Read all of them! I will say that I am a Sawyer girl and a Marcus girl!!!! I didn't know they both could be so sweet-evil lol. If that makes sense. Click on the title below for goodreads page.

These are my contemporary favorites! I couldn't narrow it down to four. I think the number of couples embracing is interesting. The scenarios for these novels are all diverse. Yet, they give me one main thing: laugh out loud males, extraordinary cities, and out of the norm relationships. Click on the title below for goodreads page.

Ohh magic, aliens, and hot boys who get angry and bend elements! These are my paranormal selections. When searching for a good paranormal book, I'm realizing that I like craziness but still in the real life scenarios. That way, I can relate to their insane amount of chores yet, awe at the good surprising core. Click on the title below for goodreads page.
Brightly Woven   ~  Obsidian    ~   Storm 

Didn't think I was going to leave out the goodness right? Haha! Have you ever been interested in what's goes on in the kitchen at your favorite restaurant? Read the first and last book. Remember there is one in between these books not shown. The title is Some Like It Hot! What about finding out what happens to our beautiful Darcy in Something Borrowed? Or reading about an FBI agent that goes a little too under the covers? These titles have given me many feels! Click on the title below for goodreads page.

That's it! You'll be seeing a few reviews from this selection in the coming weeks. In the meantime, what have been your midsummer favorites? 

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  1. I really want to read some of Jennifer L. Armentrout's novels. They all sound awesome. Thanks for sharing some of your favorites! :)