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Four Star Reviews

  1. Meant To Be- Lauren Morrill
  2. In Honor- Jessi Kirby
  3. Pedigree Moon- Tara Fuller
  4. Brightly Woven- Alexander Bracken
  5. Beauty Queens- Libra Bray
  6. Diary of a French Kiss- Sara Manning
  7. This Lullaby- Sara Dessen
  8. Keeping The Moon- Sara Dessen
  9. Stargirl- Jerry Spinelli
  10. Ten Things We Did (and Probably Should Have)- Sarah Mylnowski
  11. Past Perfect- Leila Sales
  12. Stealing Parker- Miranda Kenneally
  13. A Longtime (and at one point illegal) Crush- Janelle Rallison
  14. Such a Rush- Jennifer Echols
  15. Impossible- Nancy Werlin
  16. Unwrapping Hank- Eli Easton
  17. To All The Boys I've Loved Before- Jenny Han