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Oh for the love of... teachers? Dual Review

Life often throws witty surprises our way. Attractive teachers is one of them. So, it's not surprising that student-teacher romance novels are some of the juiciest forbidden fruits around. I read two of them this week. Overall, I regret nothing. Let me introduce them. Guys, meet Stealing Parker and A Longtime (and at one point illegal) Crush. 

 Stealing Parker is a hilarious story about a sporty girl who gets involved with their high school's baseball coach. Much like the "parent novel" of this book, Catching Jordan, other main characters and factors alter the outcome of Parker's life. Side note, if you are Catching Jordan fans, you'll get to see little appearances of Jordan and Henry. Coach Hoffman and Parker, or the Hoff and Trouble, as they like to call each other, have crazy chemistry. In fact, I envied their friendship more than their relationship. However, the reality of this book isn't happy go lucky. It's a realistic tale of pressured relationships, friendships, familial problems, and LGBT awareness. Also, it has a religious aspect. Miranda Kenneally has a special gift. You go in craving a simple romance story. Leave with a thought clouded brain and a warm heart.

What to say about A Longtime (and at one point illegal) Crush... it's amazing. Despite the length, -54 pages on my Nook- I was more than satisfied. Usually with shorter books, I crave for more everything. Not this time. Basically, Elsie has idolized her brother's best friend, Kye, since she was eight. Too bad, he turns out to be her calculus teacher senior year. Doesn't that just sound epic? I know for a fact the hook for me was brother's best friend. Books that have brother's best friends are my guilty pleasure. Add a teacher aspect  to that and it's heaven on earth. Even more, I love western scenery (or maybe just cowboys). Tack on, Kye on a horse and it's heaven on ice.The story of Kye and Elsie is anything but typical. Without telling you much, I will say I respect Kye's every action. Plus, I empathize with Elsie. Girl just can't catch a break.

If you're deciding which one of these to read, I'd say both. For me, I loved certain aspects of the each book. The character Corndog, in Stealing Parker, was funny and sweet. The situations Elsie found herself in were beyond entertaining. Each book has something to give. Plus, who can resist a hot older guy? Definitely not Parker or Elsie. Overall, I give both books a Alexander Skarsgard. Four stars for making me laugh.

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