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There’s no wonder to why we look forward to Top Ten Tuesday! We are given topics like Top Ten favorite characters of all time. I guess I should mention that my list was originally more like Top Eighteen. Here are the winners! They appear in the order I’ve discovered them. For a heads up, I’ve decided to use three characters from my old blog. So, the writing will be similar.

1. Cam Fisher – The Clique Series
When I was in 8th Grade, my boyfriend didn’t bring me sweets every time we met or dress up like a girl to sneak into my cabin just so we could finally have our first kiss! But Cam Fisher did. I’ve grown away from reading The Clique Series but, Cam will still be my first book crush. He and his buddy Derrington (Derrick Harrington) were the best shirtless soccer players on the Briarwood team which only added to his charming dark hair, Drakkar Noir scent, and black leather jacket. However, I could never picture a guy with one blue eye and one green. Another reason I loved the Fishers most were because they weren’t rolling in dough. They were an average family with normal morals. I’m not sure what happened between Cam and Claire and their ah-dorable c-notes but, I hope they are still together. I’ve envisioned Cam with both black wavy and curly hair. If you think he has curly, think Harry Styles from One Direction. If with wavy, here’s a highly attractive model.  Join The Clique

2. Adam Vader – The Boy Next Door
Adam Vader, the jokester, the impulsive one, the baby of the family, the one with ADD, and the one who stole my heart temporarily.  I must have read The Boys Next Door a thousand and seven times. I <3 each and everything about that book. Even the female character Lori, who started out liking Sean Vader. Echols turned each boy into his own. From Adam’s impulsiveness to Sean’s need to be the better Vader, to Cameron’s secrets, they were all attractive but, Adam is the best. Just thinking about it makes me want to walk back to the dorm, pluck it from my shelf and read with a smoothie. Adam’s sweetness towards Lori despite his girlfriend makes me want a guy best friend turned love. Don’t get me wrong my guy best friend Roderick and I get along ah-mazingly but, it’s no Adam and Lori tale. No chemistry connection whats so ever. They are possibly the cutest thing alive. In my head Adam appears to be Rob Pattinson. Based on looks, Adam and Twilight’s Rob are spot on. Read and Find Out!

3. James Stark – House Of Night
Matt Lanter Matt Lanter is spotted on the set of "90210" in Los Angeles.Who wouldn’t want a warrior to take an oath to protect you 24/7? Especially if it means being with them 24/7! haha. Once Stark thankfully came back into our lives in the House of Night series, I became strangely attracted to him. But, it’s not as if he’s just your wimpy neighbor from down the street. He is the Archery Champ of all Vamps. So you are probably starting to realize being a jack comes with the territory. No matter how Stark acts though, he is too cute for words. Well not really, since I’m typing. If you haven’t read the House of Night series do so. It takes all teen vamprye (in Cast language) stories and body slams them onto a mat. Originally, Stark was portrayed by a cute model but, in my mind I pictured him as 90210’s Matt Lanter.

4. Diver – Beach Blondes
What kind of name is Diver? Who cares. Well, Summer should since he’s basically staying in her aunt’s stilt house without permission. Beach Blondes explores Summer’s trip to Florida to visit her aunt Mallory and cousin Diana. Her plane neighbor promised she’d meet three boys. One guy that would be right. One that would tempt her. Then, one who would change her life forever. Can you imagine which one is Diver? I CAN tell you he is mysterious, mellow, blonde, and full of wisdom. He’s even sworn off girl because they mess with his wa. To bad for us, haha. Beach Blondes is about 500 pages of pure enjoyment. You’ll enjoy hearing about Summer and Diver’s attempt of being strangers that share a one bedroom bungalow. Have you seen Fired Up? The male inspiration comes from this movie. Nick, the blonde, has a fantastic way with words and women. Although he’s quite a womanizer, Nick has a serious loyalty to those he loves. He also has a gift for his wisdom. Compare Nick with Diver in Beach Blondes.

5. Mark Bressler – Nothing But Trouble
Everyone loves athletes. For me its Hockey Players and my number five is just that. Mark Bressler is the ex biggest player on the Seattle Chinooks hockey team. After his injury, he may be the biggest jerk known to mankind instead but, that only makes him more attractive. Bressler knows  how to entertain Chelsea when they finally feed on their infatuation. The witty comebacks mixed with his sexy brooding persona makes me choose Bressler as a valentine. Nothing But Trouble definitely leaves you satisfied with its juicy arguments and events. I’ve decided to stay close to home and my heart. Tiny Minna (Bones) fact 1: I LOVE HOCKEY! My favorite team is the Washington Capitals. So Meet Brooks Laich! He is my male inspiration for Bressler. He’s a center for non other than my Capitals. Cutie right? But, don’t get him angry.

6. Merit – Some Girls Bite
First female of the list, Merit is a rather disobedient new vampire in the series Some Girls Bite. After she was attacked, she joined the Cadogan house of Vampires.  I can’t really give much insight to how she was before a vampire besides being boring. However, she is feisty, hotheaded, and pretty much the greatest comeback champion of the world. With female characters, I  tend to drift towards characters I want to be like. For the longest, I was horrible with comebacks. Now, I am kind of witty but, not as nearly good as Merit. Sometimes that wittiness gets her into deep trouble. I’ve found gold for a Merit inspiration. Click This To See Merit!! Now, here is the Black Widow from the Avengers. Scarlett Johansson is the perfect Merit. Plus, I can totally see her with Ethan. You’ll just have to read to find out who he is.

7. St. Clair Anna and the French Kiss
He’s Parisian (from Paris). He’s English. AND he’s American. The hype about this books has passed. Nonetheless, I’m still fan girling, the act of portraying a fan girl. Anna is forced to attend an American school in Paris France. One of her first encounters is St. Clair. I know your thinking what kind of name is St. Clair. He is officially named Etienne St. Clair. Only Anna is allowed to call him Etienne. In addition to the accent, he is hilarious. Oh and did I mention he’s drop-dead gorgeous and sweet as cherry pie? There is a scene where he takes Anna to a restaurant that’s cooking traditional American thanksgiving dinner because she misses home. Uh yeah… I know! Too bad he has a girlfriend who isn’t Anna. My life model of St. Clair is Sean Flynn. Anyone remember Zoey 101? Well, this is Chase all grown up and “hotified.” It’s funny because Chase moved to a boarding school in England too.

8. Bianca  DUFF
Bianca maybe the realist character I’ve read about in my life. This is a giant claim. I’m aware. DUFF stands for Designated Ugly Fat Friend. The title itself is real right? Bianca suffers  going to the club with her two “beautiful” best friends every week. She doesn’t enjoy sitting at the bar and talking to the Joe,thirty year old bartender. She gets so bored, he has to cut her off on cherry coke. Even with everything happening in her life, her parent’s divorce, an ex boyfriend, and a hot womanizer, she still comes out on top. I picture Bianca insanely radiant. However, she’s caught up in comparing herself to those around her. My inspiration is Jennifer Lawrence.  Naturally beautiful she is. Plus, the cover looks vaguely like her.

9. Cricket – Lola and The Boy Next Door
Second appearance of Stephanie Perkins is Cricket. Lola and The Boy Next Door is the companion novel to Anna and The French Kiss. This book is ah-dorkable. I’m not kidding you. Lola and her two fathers live in San Francisco where her boyfriend, her movie theater job, and her eccentric fashion sense cloud her life. Things go well until the Bell twins move back into their old house. Calliope and Cricket Bell lived next to Lola until they left. Cricket Bell is the great inventor in his family. He takes after his great grandfather, Alexander Graham Bell. The fireworks he and Lola ignite are more extravagant than what I imagine the first independence day would be like. My favorite thing about inventor Cricket is building a pulley system from her window to his. Almost makes me want to live next to another family when I have children. Of course, that decision will probably change later. My life model is Adam Gregory. The brief 90210 actor is perfect. Glance at the cover and tell me what you think.

Books Worth Reading:

10. Hudson – Ten Things We Did and Probably Shouldn’t Have

April gets to live with her friend Vi for an entire year. This books gives you uncontrolled parties, hot tub  times, and really attractive aged men. Her friend Vi has a best friend Dean. Dean has a close brother named Hudson. So, math has taught us that if Vi + April= roommates and Vi= Dean. Then, obviously, April= Hudson. Or it should. Hudson is quite  a conundrum. He has tons of money. He has an unknown job. He saved their cat Donut. He takes them out. He has a stunning smile. He is a comforting shoulder. And get this… he isn’t even her boyfriend. My inspiration is Tristan Wilds. The smooth actor is the cutest thing on the block. It’s prefectly ok to stare at his smile. I do it on occasion.

I hope you like my rather lengthened Top Ten Tuesdays. Have you read about any of these characters? If so, how do my real life models compare? Have a grand Tuesday. If you have finals like us, good luck! We are here for you. Only one more week and then Summer ’12 baby! High school students hang on. You’ll be done soon enough. When you are see you on the beach.


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