Unwrapping Hank

Author: Eli Easton
Published: November 14, 2014

Book Summary: Sloane loves a good mystery. He grew up as the son of two psychiatrists, so he finds most people tediously easy to figure out. He finds his way to Pennsylvania State University, longing for a rural experience, and ends up being lured into joining a frat by Micah Springfield, the hippest guy on campus.
Nothing in Sloane’s classes is as intriguing as Hank Springfield, Micah’s brother and fellow frat house member. Hank looks like a tough guy—big muscles, tats, and a beard—but his eyes are soft and sweet. He acts dumb, but he’s a philosophy major. He’s presumably straight, but then why does Sloane feel such crazy chemistry whenever Hank is around? And why does Hank hate Sloane so much?
When Sloane ends up stuck on campus over Christmas, Micah invites him to spend the holidays at their family farm in Amish country. It’s a chance to experience a true Americana Christmas–and further investigate the mystery that is Hank Springfield. Can Sloane unlock the secrets of this family and unwrap the heart hidden inside the beefcake?

“You’re going to drive me crazy, aren’t you,” Hank said.
“Crazy is an ambiguous term with no clinical meaning, and it’s insulting to mental health patients. Can you be more specific?” 

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Book Review

Not so recently, I stumbled upon the realm of MM Romance, a world of glorious, glorious deliciousness. Since then, I’ve read novel after novel, wondering if I should start reviewing the dozens of books pilling up in my read pile. 

Unwrapping Hank is the newest addition to that list. I’m not sure where you guys stand on MM, but man- this novella has some serious merit. Automatically, the frat scene intrigued me because I’ve always wondered what happens behind those oak doors. Do they sit around marathoning Terminator movies? Or play matchmaker for the token “gay” members in the house? Well, according to Eli Easton, that’s exactly what they do and that’s perfectly fine with me. 

What mood?
Unwrapping Hank is fun. Even the heavier scenes seemed tamed to me. However, I much rather enjoy reading the sections where Sloane and Hank are compatible wise-asses. Most of the book, 138 pages, is bantering, devious smiles, and heated, yet tasteful, sex scenes. I’ll let you decide if that’s good or not. Personally, I could read endless pages where the two love interests banter through massive amounts of UST (unresolved sexual tension.) 

Character Fever:
Ms. Easton writes some amazing, unbelievably unique characters. In our world of formulaic plots and character modes, her characters are refreshing. Take Sloane. This guy gets hot and bothered by murder mysteries, yet he’s considered sophisticated by his frat mates. (I really want to call them frat stars. Can I call them frat stars? It’s happening.) He’s the guy you see across the bar and mutter, ‘damn, I could never get with that.’ Did I mention the kid wants to be a vet? Come on, how adorable is that?
Don’t get me started on Hank. I’m still unwrapping him and I finished the book eighteen hours ago. He is a walking contradiction. Seriously, if he had one arm for every side of him, he could successfully perform a one man orchestra. The down side, I never knew which version of Hank we were dealing with. The Philosophist or the Frat Star? The kid making his own health brew or the beer drinker? The family man or the jerk? Saying he was perplexing is an understatement. In the end, he rounded out some. I will say, his very last line is beyond perfection.

Song this reminds me of:
The song that reminds me of Sloane and Hank is ‘It was Always You’ by Maroon 5. I think it’s sweet, but honest. They went through some trouble (per usual) and this song sums up their ending ‘happily ever after.’

If you’re interested in others like Unwrapping Hank, here are three personal recommendations, all in the ‘New Adult-College’ setting. Understatement of the Year, about two college hockey athletes, is brilliant and plot-heavy. Blame it On the Mistletoe, is my first Easton novel and her characters are seriously one-of-a-kind. Love Lessons is a story about those pesky college roommate situations. Believe me, you won’t be disappointed by these three.

Books Worth Reading:

Also, on my Google-spree, I came across the coolest link. Ms. Easton has an entire blog post about her inspirations for the characters and setting for this book. I love when authors do this because I shamelessly do it for any story I write, also. Check it out!!!

Overall Rating:
Overall, I enjoyed Unwrapping Hank, given that I read in a few hours. I’m giving it three Stars, or as we say here at GLIW, a massive Chris Evans. It was an entertaining read, but moved a touch too fast. I wanted more banter, more flirting, more cute, exploratory Sloane-Hank moments in general. As always thanks for reading and have an amazing week!  

Rating: 3 Stars


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