Cracked Up to Be

Author: Courtney Summers

Summary: This book centers on a high school senior, Parker Fadley. The first three years she was the high strung Type A personality type. She was the head cheerleader dating the captain of the football team on the track of becoming valedictorian.
Then there was a party and some big, huge, bad thing happened. And everything changed. It’s a few months until the end of the senior school year and Parker could not be more alone. She has isolated herself from her friends, broken up with her boyfriend, quit the cheer-leading squad, and began failing all her classes.

Book Review

Throughout the book are flashbacks to this crazy party. Each one gets you closer and closer to the event that changed Parker’s life. You don’t find out until the end what happened that caused her to shut down and be alone. (But there is a possibility that you could piece it together faster than that.)

Main Character:
I don’t really like Parker Fadley because I don’t believe that anybody really wants to be alone. But I am a huge fan of her comebacks and ‘you’re a horrible person’ snotty retorts. Also I love the name Parker for a girl.


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